This year I have 3 portraits chosen as semifinalists in the Moran Prize.

1. Little Miss No
The subject of this painting is our granddaughter Miah who, having just turned 3, is still in that first stage of independence where every question is answered in the negative and where reverse psychology works like a charm. Some children have a more pronounced independent and contrary nature than others and Miah is certainly one of the former. Surprisingly though, she was quite willing to pose for this painting for limited spells… possibly because she knew she was in charge.

2. The Handyman
A portrait of Tony McWilliam. This is my 6th painting of Tony, 4 of which have been selected in national portrait competitions and the other 2 exhibited at The Royal Art Society of NSW and the Australian Watercolour Institute. Tony is a stonemason, landscape gardener and general handyman and is model at the life drawing sessions I attend.

3. Sweet Transvestite
Craig McLachlan as Frank N Furter in Rocky Horror Show. This painting has also been selected as a finalist in the Kilgour Prize in Newcastle causing a minor dilemma in making a choice as both exhibitions are on at the same time. The chances of this painting making the final in the Moran are slim so I have decided to stick with the Kilgour Prize.